Providing Connectivity to Businesses Across the Nation. 

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At Slingshot, we understand the needs of businesses everywhere to have consistent and reliable connectivity; whether it be fiber internet, hosted phone systems or fleet vehicle tracking; we want to help you get connected and stay connected.


Working with the best supplier of connectivity in the US, Slingshot are tactically poised with AT&T to deliver to your business excellent products and services. Our business-to-business team approach every client with a consultative mindset so we can efficiently identify how to best serve yours needs using world-class products from our partner.


Our Services



Phone Lines

Cell Phones

Fleet Tracking


As AT&T solution providers we can help you with the full complement of AT&T products and services. Whether cell phones, fiber internet or tv entertainment, we can assist you. 

We will always take a consultative approach to your needs and never sell you something which isn’t right for you and your business.



We also specialize in supplying the corporate housing sector and would happily assist you in setting up connectivity and entertainment for your clients.

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