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Our purpose is to create experiences that improve lives, impact people, and deliver maximum results.

What We Do

Business to business sales


Delivering world-class business connectivity solutions

We work with Apartments AT&T


Serving apartment residents with a concierge approach

We work with resedential AT&T


Consulting residential clients on home entertainment needs

Where We Do

This is where we represent AT&T

Jason Fredrick

AT&T Account Manager

They are experts at what they do. They wake up and eat, sleep, and breath this.

Word on the Street

Natasha Baker

AT&T Account Manager

Atlanta, GA

The impression they've left with the leasing staff and the focused attention to detail at my properties have also been second to none!

John Hyland

AT&T ACC Manager

Mobile, AL

I like the partnership with Slingshot for a variety of reasons, but the number one reason is the dedicated staff that places orders for AT&T. 

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