Know Your Internet Options

July 3, 2017

We could easily start this blog off with a cheesy yet vague sales pitch in an effort to earn your business. But, that’s not us. Gross. Instead, let’s keep things simple. Your business runs fast. It needs an internet service provider that can keep up. Slingshot provides you with one of two options for your business internet needs.



AT&T Internet for Business 

Your first option, AT&T Internet for Business, provides you super fast Internet access with the features you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers and employees. With speeds up to 75Mbps downstream and up to 8Mbps upstream at a fraction of the cost of Private Line or Ethernet Internet access, standard usage is easily supported. Internet for business provides reliability you can count on. Our networks have high capacity to support multiple employees that need simultaneous Internet access, because no one wants to be bogged down by their office mates watching cat videos. AT&T is a leading Tier 1 Internet Service Provider with a high performing IP network and some of the most aggressive Broadband service level agreements in the industry. Impressive, right? AT&T Internet for Business is no ordinary Internet connection. Businesses can expect reliability, optimal performance, scalability and great security features from one of the world’s leading service providers.


AT&T Business FIber 

Your other option is our AT&T Business Fiber (ABF). Business Fiber is a new higher speed, fiber-based offering of our Business Edition Internet that is only available in AT&T fiber-ready buildings. With AT&T's fiber services your business will have dedicated, highly secure access to leading business technologies and blazing fast speeds. You can upload and download large files and images at speeds up to 1Gbps. That’s 1000mbps. Insane speeds, people. With ABF, our customers have access to the cloud, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services. With this, you can share large files with employees and customers in other locations as well as video conference with suppliers, business partners, and customers.


Decisions, Decisions 

So, how do you decide which internet option to go with? Well, there are several key differences between Business Fiber and our traditional copper-based Internet:

  • Business Fiber is carried on fiber from end to end, instead of slower copper wiring.

  • Business Fiber has higher speeds, due to the signals being carried at the speed of light.

  • Business Fiber has both asymmetrical and symmetrical network options.

What was that last part? Well, asymmetrical networks have different upload and download speeds and are useful when your business needs to download a lot more data than upload, like with standard Internet browsing. Symmetrical networks have the same upload and download speed and are useful if your business has a need for large file or image transfers or is running real-time applications like virtual private network (VPN), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and video conferencing. Currently, ABF does not deliver TV programming. If copper based U-verse TV is not available at your location, you may be eligible for DIRECTV services from AT&T. However, each circuit comes with a primary AT&T email account and 10 subaccounts, and we provide AT&T Internet Security Suite (ISS) powered by McAfee® free to all subscribers.



Your decision on which option works best for you will mostly depend on if you are a business or a corporate housing company. We are also available to answer any further questions you have about which service your business would benefit most from. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong, and we will provide you with the perfect Slingshot experience.



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