Coats, Coats, Coats!

July 25, 2017


“At Slingshot, we believe that a company is defined by its culture, and we want to create a culture here of giving back,” said Slingshot CEO Brad Custred in a recent interview we filmed for a very special occasion. Here at Slingshot, we don’t just care about our customers. We care about everyone. That’s why we recently began a partnership with the charity Coats of Many Colors.



Who are Coats of Many Colors?

Coats of Many Colors is a charity organization founded in 2016 by University of Mobile student and local philanthropist Chelsey Sayasane. Their mission is to provide warmth and opportunities for the homeless communities across the gulf coast through the collection and distribution of winter, rain, and business coats to homeless men and women. “Yes, we provide coats, but most importantly, we create relationships with these men, women, and children to make sure that they feel important too,” said Sayasane.


Our Role

Slingshot launched our partnership with Coats of Many Colors back in April of this year. Founder Chelsey Sayasane is an employee of our own CEO, Brad Custred, at a separate business he owns, so the connection with Slingshot generated naturally and seamlessly. “When you look at companies like Coats of Many Colors, we see the passion, we see the drive, and we see the success they have in helping those people,” Custred stated. The partnership will allow COMC to use the national resources we have available to launch their mission on a national scale!


The Results

Since our partnership began, Slingshot and Coats of Many Colors have worked hard together to raise over 20,000 coats for the homeless here on the gulf! “We’ve helped thousands and thousands of men women and children. I know that we think a coat is very temporary, but raincoats when it’s raining and winter coats during long winter nights, that helps people out a lot,” said Chelsey Sayasane during her interview, “I’m really grateful for that. That we could make an impact together.”



Check out the full interview below, and make sure to visit the Coats of Many Colors website for opportunities to learn more and donate here:



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