Slingshot has a New Home

August 16, 2017

If you’ve been following us on social media the last 2 weeks, then you know that we just rolled out some majorly exciting news. Slingshot, Inc will be moving into its new location at The Exchange 202 this month! Now many of you may think that moving buildings is not that big of a deal. You’re right. That’s why we are not only moving into the Exchange as members, but as a partner.



Slingshot and The Exchange


“I believe so much in The Exchange, that I’ve decided to become a partner into The Exchange itself, so that I can be an active participant and helping [members] grow and seeing this thing become more successful,” said Slingshot CEO Brad Custred. We are thrilled to being brought into the Exchange as members and having Brad as a partner, so that we can continue to grow and learn with the already amazing members at The Exchange right now. Not only that, but “…we believe so much in the city of Mobile and what the entrepreneurial spirits bring into this city right now, that we’ve decided to invest back into it, and we’ve decided to purchase the actual building The Exchange is housed in.” You read that right, folks. Slingshot is now the proud owner of a shiny, new building!


But Wait There’s More


The last bit of exciting news we want to share with you guys is that of our favorite lumberjack, Kyle Crabtree. As part of this process, Kyle is going to be leaving his position with Slingshot as Director of Employee Engagement. Never fear, however! He’s only moving a couple offices down. Kyle Crabtree has been appointed as Chief Momentum Officer for The Exchange 202! “Kyle Started with us and helped develop a recruiting process, built sales teams, and even built leaders inside of our organization,” Brad Custred explained, “So today, Slingshot’s loss is actually The Exchange’s gain, and I’m excited to see what Kyle does in his new role.”



With all these changes happening at once, it’s a lot to take in and keep track of, especially if you are already involved with The Exchange. Luckily for you, The Exchange 202 and Slingshot had this swanky little video put together for you to give you a little better idea of what all is going on now and what is to come.



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