3 Best Cell Phones of 2018

September 6, 2018

The year 2018 has not disappointed with its cell phone offerings. With several new phones being offered to the market we thought we would highlight the top 3 to narrow down your search options. Without further delay, lets jump right in! 



1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9


The Galaxy Note 9 has found a way to top the Galaxy Note 8 adding several new updates, one specifically that we love is adding the Bluetooth S Pen with every phone. The Bluetooth pen has a remote control functionality that will really impress users. The Galaxy 9 increased its tech as well by adding more internal capacity and RAM, improved battery life, dual rear cameras, and a fingerprint scanner has been repositioned on the back-side of the device. The Galaxy Note 9 continues to build on top of a great device giving users great functionality and features. 


2. Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X offers a new and unique design, something we have not seen in an iPhone since the original iPhone 10 years ago. Offering a 5.8 inch front screen and with a sleek design mainly because there is no home button on this version of the iPhone. In the rear, the X offers dual cameras producing cutting edge photos for users. Since Apple removed the home button, the X relies heavily on the facial recognition for many features such as Apple Pay and unlocking your phone. The X conveniently offers wireless charging which is an exciting new feature.  The X is the most advanced iPhone yet, with updated technology, larger screen and facial recognition the X truly pushes the status quo of what we expect out of our smartphones. 


3. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus



The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a massive phone designed for those who enjoy a large screen. The S9 took the top features of all the best phones combining it into one awesome device. With a whopping 6.2 inch screen display and some of the top tech around, it offers the very best viewing experience of any smartphone on the market. The S9 Plus camera is among the best offering dual-aperture capabilities making for great photos no matter the time of day. If you are looking for a larger phone with all the latest feature the S9 is for you! 




As of September 2018 these are the top smartphones on the market for users, offering something for all types of smartphone users. In the coming weeks Apple will be releasing the next iPhone and Google will be releasing the next Pixel, these two could shake up our top three list so be on the lookout. Next time you are deciding to get a new smartphone be sure to reach out to us using the info below! We are Slingshot, your properties home entertainment and cell phone concierge, offering you dedicated service and exclusive pricing. Reach out to us today! 


















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